Episode 114 – Tory Freeman

Join us in discovering the story of Tory Freeman, a magnificent tattoo and visual artist.


“Conversations with Jose Rodriguez Marmol and JJ Gonzalez Acosta”

Orlando Voyager Interview with Jose Rodriguez Marmol and JJ Gonzalez Acosta
April 26, 2022
Photo Courtesy: JJ Art and Design Productions
Interview: Orlando Voyager Magazine

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Episode 113 – Yan Diaz

Actor Yan Diaz joins us to share his story and his experience in musical theatre in Central Florida. He highlights the importance of diversity and representation in the theater community.


Episode 112: Donald Rupe

Co-Founder and Artistic Director of The Renaissance Theatre, Donald Rupe joins us to share his story in Artistic Spot.

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Episode 111 – Iluminada Aponte

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Iluminada Aponte has been living in the United States for over 60 years. She has dedicated her career as a Folk Artist to highlight the culture of her country.



DIVINITY by Patricia Cavazos
Osceola Arts
Photo by Jose Rodriguez Marmol

On Saturday, March 5th, Osceola Arts hosted the Opening Reception of ‘Divinity’ by local visual artist Patricia Cavazos, welcoming guests from all around Central Florida.

Patricia is originally from Monterrey, Mexico. She has been living in the U.S. since the year 2000. Her career as a visual artist has represented the colors of her country and the mythologic world of the Aztecs.

Since she was a child, Patricia felt a passion for the world of visual arts. She is responsible for sharing the stories behind Mexico in the abstract world. Wonderful stories are told through the use of colors and textiles.

This time, Patricia wanted to pay homage to the Aztecs and the importance of the Gods in the creation of the world.

Guests enjoying DIVINITY at Osceola Arts during the Opening Reception on March 5th, 2022.
Photo by Jose Rodriguez Marmol

“I feel happy to see my exhibition here in Osceola Arts come to life. It is a result of working with love and passion. I have waited 2 years for this moment. Unfortunately, COVID-19 made us postpone the exhibition. Now, it is the perfect time to show guests the story behind the Aztecs, the creation of the world, and the Gods behind it,” said Patricia.

‘Divinity’ is an exquisite and elegant exhibition full of vibrant colors, textiles, and Patricia’s famous trees of life.

“I have always felt passionate about mythology. This exhibition is a result of my passion to tell the stories of my beloved Mexico and the importance of the Gods in our story,” said Patricia.

Tláloc’s Sun – Mixed Media 3D Installation by Patricia Cavazos
Photo by Jose Rodriguez Marmol

For Betania Acosta, “all the art pieces that are part of this exhibition are beautiful. The story behind all the artwork is amazing. I learned new things about the Aztec world. Information I did not have before I came to see this exhibition.”

“The pieces shown in this exhibition were inspired by books about the Aztec culture and their mythology. The impact that this magnificent culture has on me. This is my depiction of that world,” said Cavazos.

Artist Patricia Cavazos (center) and guests during DIVINITY’s Opening Reception.
Photo by Jose Rodriguez Marmol

Visiting this exhibition will bring you to a colorful world of Mexican history.

‘Divinity works by Patricia Cavazos‘ will be on display through April 1st in the Studio Gallery at Osceola Arts

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Episode 110: Victorious McLeod

Visual artist and Filmmaker, Victorious McLeod shares his story in a whole new season of Artistic Spot. Discover Victorious story up close. For more information visit:


Unusual Frida Juried Art Poster at Leu Gardens – January 13th – 14th, 2022
Jose Rodriguez Marmol for Artistic Spot

Leu Gardens hosted the ‘Unusual Frida Juried Art Show‘ on January 13th and 14th, kicking off 2022 with the vision of Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo from 32 Central Florida visual artists.

The ‘Unusual Frida‘ show came back to the City Beautiful after a long hiatus due to COVID-19 in 2021. This third annual show featured the vision of Frida in an ‘unusual’ way.

Raysa Molina, a local visual artist and the mastermind behind this show, created this event as an opportunity to represent the side of Frida that artists see in a way that is not common. This art show is the perfect representation that art is subjective, and it is in the eye of the beholder.

Guests and artists enjoyed a two-night show at Leu Gardens. The beauty of art, and color were the main protagonists.
Jose Rodriguez Marmol for Artistic Spot

On November 8th, 2021 a total of 32 local visual artists were selected after a very successful call to artist with more than 100 entries from different cities in the State of Florida.

Aly Vidal, Antelmo Juarez, Barbara Tiffany, Bethany Myers, Carla Brito, Carmen Rubio-Colon, Cherie Rieck, Christine Wallbom, Deliz Berrios, Elizabeth Stainberg, Fania Pena, Fernando Molinares, Heather Lockwood, Holly Tharp, Ileana Miquilena, Jack Void, Jennifer Payne, Jenny Ramos, JJ Gonzalez Acosta, Jose Sanchez, Leslie Maloff, Libby Smith, Manuel Rodriguez, Marisela Rodriguez, Michele Beaujardin, Nancy Hagood, Nina Ramos-Travlos, Pam Coffman, Paula Andrea, Raul Gomez, Veronica Garcia-Bernal, and Wilson Romero were the visual artists selected to have their art pieces in this one-of-a-kind, two-night art show.

Marilyn Cortes-Lovato, Director of Visual Arts at Osceola Arts, was responsible for selecting the three winners of the juried show announced the night of Friday, January 14th.

Deliz Berrios and her art piece ‘Deeply Rooted’ won third place in the show. “By using elements from different Frida Kahlo paintings, those which spoke to my sensibilities, I have created an ode to my connection to Frida,” said Berrios.

‘Deeply Rooted’ – Acrylic on Canvas. Artist: Deliz Berrios – Third Place
Photo by Jose Rodriguez Marmol

Local Artist Jenny Ramos and her vision of Frida ‘Diego y Yo,’ in pencil on Canvas was the winner of second place.

‘Diego y Yo’ – Pencil on Canvas – Original Art piece by Jenny Ramos – Second Place
Photo by Jose Rodriguez Marmol

Venezuelan visual artist Ileana Miquilena won first place in the juried show with her piece ‘CosmograpFrida’ a beautiful art piece representing Frida Kahlo in her intimacy featuring a sublime representation of Diego Rivera watching on the back.

‘CosmograpFrida’ – Acrylic on Canvas – Original Art Piece by Ileana Miquilena – First Place
Photo by Jose Rodriguez Marmol

The ‘Unusual Frida Juried Show‘ was elegant, eclectic, and showcased some of the best visual artists in town. This show promises to be one of the most important in the visual arts scene in Central Florida.

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Central Florida artists are in constant growth. The stories they share are not told using the spoken word but from creating a world of colorful images that are part of a creative process that comes from a place deep within their hearts and souls.

The Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs in Orange County, Florida is in communication with local visual artists and non-profit organizations with information of new grant opportunities available to them through United Arts of Central Florida.  

On December 7, 2021, Orange County’s Arts and Cultural Affairs Director Terry Olson informed that $1.5 million of Federal funds were approved for “revenue recovery” for nonprofit arts and culture organizations in Orange County for losses suffered because of COVID. United Arts of Central Florida will handle the management of $1 million. This amount will be divided proportionately among all the groups that apply. The Dr. Phillips Center will receive $500,000.

Although these amounts of money are only accessible to local artists if they have a non-profit organization, local groups promoting Arts and Culture are working to offer artists free seminars on grants and how to register non-profit organizations.

 For Beatriz Andrekovich from CABETCAL, a local non-profit organization in charge of promoting arts and culture within the Latin community, this is a must. “We must help our artists. Local artists are constantly striving to make their ends meet. We are responsible for providing them with the necessary tools needed to have access to these grants. Together we can bring this information to more artists. It is a result of teamwork.”

Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs Director Terry Olson poses with Beatriz Andrekovich during Fusion Fest at The Seneff Arts Plaza at the Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts on November 27, 2021.
Photo Credit: Jose Rodriguez Marmol

“Our responsibility is not only providing them with platforms to exhibit their artwork, but they also need financial support. Local artists need to have access to the funds that are available to them thanks to the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs of Orange County,” said Beatriz.

The local government keeps working hard to provide local artists with a platform to exhibit their wonderful world of colorful images, and at the same time providing them with the information they need to make their passion their source of income.

For more information on the grants that are available to local arts and culture organizations please visit United Arts of Central Florida


Episode 109: Marsha Jackson

Discover the story behind Marsha Jackson. A local performer and visual artist.