Central Florida artists are in constant growth. The stories they share are not told using the spoken word but from creating a world of colorful images that are part of a creative process that comes from a place deep within their hearts and souls.

The Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs in Orange County, Florida is in communication with local visual artists and non-profit organizations with information of new grant opportunities available to them through United Arts of Central Florida.  

On December 7, 2021, Orange County’s Arts and Cultural Affairs Director Terry Olson informed that $1.5 million of Federal funds were approved for “revenue recovery” for nonprofit arts and culture organizations in Orange County for losses suffered because of COVID. United Arts of Central Florida will handle the management of $1 million. This amount will be divided proportionately among all the groups that apply. The Dr. Phillips Center will receive $500,000.

Although these amounts of money are only accessible to local artists if they have a non-profit organization, local groups promoting Arts and Culture are working to offer artists free seminars on grants and how to register non-profit organizations.

 For Beatriz Andrekovich from CABETCAL, a local non-profit organization in charge of promoting arts and culture within the Latin community, this is a must. “We must help our artists. Local artists are constantly striving to make their ends meet. We are responsible for providing them with the necessary tools needed to have access to these grants. Together we can bring this information to more artists. It is a result of teamwork.”

Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs Director Terry Olson poses with Beatriz Andrekovich during Fusion Fest at The Seneff Arts Plaza at the Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts on November 27, 2021.
Photo Credit: Jose Rodriguez Marmol

“Our responsibility is not only providing them with platforms to exhibit their artwork, but they also need financial support. Local artists need to have access to the funds that are available to them thanks to the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs of Orange County,” said Beatriz.

The local government keeps working hard to provide local artists with a platform to exhibit their wonderful world of colorful images, and at the same time providing them with the information they need to make their passion their source of income.

For more information on the grants that are available to local arts and culture organizations please visit United Arts of Central Florida

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