Episode 113 – Yan Diaz

Actor Yan Diaz joins us to share his story and his experience in musical theatre in Central Florida. He highlights the importance of diversity and representation in the theater community.


Orange County Announces new grants for the Arts while celebrating ‘Earth Day’ LIVE from the Atrium Gallery.

by Jose Rodriguez Marmol

Orange County, Florida has been supporting local artists that live, or have lived in the County for years. During the month of April 2021, the County has released some information on grants for upcoming art-related projects through United Arts of Central Florida, a non-profit organization in charge of administering several funding programs on behalf of Orange County.

The County has been in charge of organizing and partially funding a free exhibition called: “The Art in the Chambers”. This particular exhibit showcases fine art pieces of current and former residents of Orange County. 

‘Earth Day’ was the perfect excuse for the County to celebrate the arts and what it seems to be the road back to normal after the COVID-19 backlashes.

It was not until April 21st, 2021, that the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs of Orange County, Florida, submitted a ‘Call to Artists’ to celebrate ‘Earth Day’ with an art exhibit that will run until May 28th.

The virtual reception will welcome local artists at the Orange County Administration Center, Atrium Gallery located at 201 S. Rosalind Ave. Orlando, FL 32801, for the first time since COVID-19 forced all government offices to shut down and post-pone most of their events scheduled for 2020, a big step towards going back to normal.

This art exhibit will be allowing local artists the opportunity to showcase their art and sell it during the time of the exhibit.

JJ Gonzalez Acosta is a Venezuelan and a local Orlando artist that was selected as one of the talented artists for this art exhibit with two beautiful and colorful art pieces that pay homage to mother earth.

“I am thrilled to be part of this Earth Day celebration. It makes me happy to see the County’s support to all the wonderful local artists around here. It is also exciting to be at the Atrium Gallery, have that face-to-face interaction, and experience that we are finally getting back to normal after a very hard 2020 for all due to COVID-19,” said Gonzalez Acosta.

‘Earth Day’ Art in the Atrium will run until Friday, May 28th. The Virtual Opening was broadcasted live from all Orange County’s social media platforms on Wednesday, May 12th at 1:00 pm with the participation and physical presence of 8 of the 13 local artists that were selected for this art exhibit by the County.

The live broadcast was hosted by Mr. Terry Olson, Director of the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs of Orange County.