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My name is Jose Rodriguez Marmol. I am an Entertainment Business Professional and Journalist from Full Sail University. I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela. I have been living in Orlando, Florida, since 2010.

I am passionate about the world of arts and entertainment.  I bring you a wonderful world of stories that will resonate with you. These stories will allow you to discover the artist within by immersing yourself in a world full of color. 

Having a background in law and being an immigrant makes me see life from a different perspective.

My path as an Entertainment Business Professional and a journalist helped me reconnect with my inner child. To that little boy who used to record his talk show in front of his toys. A show where my imaginary friends were my guests, and my toys were my audience. Now it’s your chance to be on this journey with me.

This adventure has given me the skills to write and tell beautiful stories related to the Arts and Culture scene in Central Florida. The importance of it in our lives.

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