DIVINITY by Patricia Cavazos
Osceola Arts
Photo by Jose Rodriguez Marmol

On Saturday, March 5th, Osceola Arts hosted the Opening Reception of ‘Divinity’ by local visual artist Patricia Cavazos, welcoming guests from all around Central Florida.

Patricia is originally from Monterrey, Mexico. She has been living in the U.S. since the year 2000. Her career as a visual artist has represented the colors of her country and the mythologic world of the Aztecs.

Since she was a child, Patricia felt a passion for the world of visual arts. She is responsible for sharing the stories behind Mexico in the abstract world. Wonderful stories are told through the use of colors and textiles.

This time, Patricia wanted to pay homage to the Aztecs and the importance of the Gods in the creation of the world.

Guests enjoying DIVINITY at Osceola Arts during the Opening Reception on March 5th, 2022.
Photo by Jose Rodriguez Marmol

“I feel happy to see my exhibition here in Osceola Arts come to life. It is a result of working with love and passion. I have waited 2 years for this moment. Unfortunately, COVID-19 made us postpone the exhibition. Now, it is the perfect time to show guests the story behind the Aztecs, the creation of the world, and the Gods behind it,” said Patricia.

‘Divinity’ is an exquisite and elegant exhibition full of vibrant colors, textiles, and Patricia’s famous trees of life.

“I have always felt passionate about mythology. This exhibition is a result of my passion to tell the stories of my beloved Mexico and the importance of the Gods in our story,” said Patricia.

Tláloc’s Sun – Mixed Media 3D Installation by Patricia Cavazos
Photo by Jose Rodriguez Marmol

For Betania Acosta, “all the art pieces that are part of this exhibition are beautiful. The story behind all the artwork is amazing. I learned new things about the Aztec world. Information I did not have before I came to see this exhibition.”

“The pieces shown in this exhibition were inspired by books about the Aztec culture and their mythology. The impact that this magnificent culture has on me. This is my depiction of that world,” said Cavazos.

Artist Patricia Cavazos (center) and guests during DIVINITY’s Opening Reception.
Photo by Jose Rodriguez Marmol

Visiting this exhibition will bring you to a colorful world of Mexican history.

‘Divinity works by Patricia Cavazos‘ will be on display through April 1st in the Studio Gallery at Osceola Arts

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Episode 104: Marilyn Cortes-Lovato


Art in Public Spaces presents Latinx Artist JJ Gonzalez Acosta at the Hart Memorial Library in Downtown Kissimmee

Art in Public Spaces is a program promoted by Osceola Arts. It provides local artists a platform to exhibit their artwork.

“We have a wonderful program in the libraries in Osceola County called ‘Art in Public Spaces’, we provide opportunities for Central Florida artists to display their wonderful work and share it with our community,” said Marilyn Cortes-Lovato, Visual Arts Director for Osceola Arts.

This was the perfect opportunity for Venezuelan and local artist, JJ Gonzalez Acosta, to exhibit his Portraits Collection called “True Colors.”

Inspired by the American culture and history, JJ tells the story of important figures in the history of the United States: Abraham Lincoln, Kamala Harris, and Michelle Obama. Comedian Whoopi Goldberg and musical theater performer and singer Ben Platt are also part of this exhibition.

Using bright colored backgrounds and portraits in greyscales, JJ focuses on showing only one side of the face in his portrait’s paintings.

“When we go back in history or see our favorite artists on TV, we just see one side of them. There is a lot more beyond. There is a story. There is a past, a present, and a future. I want to leave that other side of the story to the audience. Art is subjective, and the interpretation of each story will be in the eyes of the beholder,” said Gonzalez Acosta.

Painting since he was only 5 years of age, he learned the best techniques from his mother, who is also an artist. JJ has a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education and is currently one of the outreach teaching artists in Central Florida Community Arts.

The “True Colors” art exhibition runs at the Hart Memorial Central Library in Downtown Kissimmee until August 31st.

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